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          Our latest free online password generator is here to help you create the most secured and unique passwords for any account that you may have. With our online password generator, you can create passwords that cannot be guessed by others and you can do it in a matter of a few moments without indulging in any inconvenience that is usually associated with creating passwords.

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          A password is the gateway to all the information that you have on your online accounts. It may be a password to your emails, social network or social media profiles, your internet banking password or anything else that you hold dear and is entirely personal. Despite looming security threats and increasing cyber attacks, phishing attacks and hacks, most people still have the old practice of using easy passwords. It is convenient to come up with an easy password. Most internet users use one password for several or all of their online accounts.

          If you use an easy password which may be easy to guess or can be quickly found out by someone who knows you in person then you are completely vulnerable. Your privacy is at stake. If you use one password for several or all of your online accounts then the compromise of one account would subsequently open up all the accounts you have. You can potentially lose everything that you may have online and more because a lot of details and information found on online profiles, emails and other accounts are almost always linked directly to every facet of your life.

          Our online password generator tool makes creating unique and secured passwords a cakewalk. You can choose to create any type of password with our free online password generator. You can opt for lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, symbols or spaces and you can also opt for a combination of one, two, three, four or all five options. You can choose a password that is as short as 8 characters or as long as 50 characters. You can also have as many as 5 simultaneous passwords created by our online password generator using the same input criteria.

          Creating passwords that are unique and secured has never been simpler or easier. You can create as many passwords as you want with our free online password generator. All you should do is keep a record of the passwords, ideally offline at a place that is not vulnerable to theft.